Report of Home Birth Poll Responses 08/20-01/21

The following are poll responses from the home birth poll circulated by Nevada Friends of Midwives in 2020. As promised, we did want to make this public, but no personal information is shared. These results are from the 928 valid entries given between August when the poll was created, and Feb 1 2021, when this report was shared. There were a couple entries that were not valid and where not included in this report. Invalid entries are ones that where given that indicated the birth was not at home, or planned at home. Births that indicated a transfer occurred, were included.

There are nearly 1000 specific responses to each of the following questions. “Why did you choose home birth?” And “How did you find your midwife?” Therefore, they are not included in this report, though it is very likely they will have some kind of report of their own in the near future. Thank you for participating in this poll, and taking the time for us to gather a snapshot of what home birth looks like here in Nevada. The form is still open here if you have had another birth and would like to enter it. If people continue to take the poll, we will update the reports.