The following is just an example of what parents, Nevadans, midwives, ANYBODY could be writing out as a letter to send to their representatives.
Feel free to copy and paste, or use this as a template for your own letters and make your voice heard!


Dear Representative,

I am writing to let you know that I strongly oppose the licensure of midwives in Nevada. There are two bills which will be presented in the upcoming session, and I hope I can count on you to keep an eye out for them and vote NO.

One will be presented by Senator Hammond, and the other will be presented by Assemblywoman Monroe-Moreno.

Nevada has a long and proud history of birth freedom. Women can choose where they give birth, and they can choose anyone they like to attend them. In all of our surrounding states, licensure of midwives has created a hostile environment that significantly restricts the way that midwives serve women.

Some of these women who want to hire midwives to attend their births drive to Nevada!

The licensure of midwifery is not about safety. It is about control, power, and money.



Voter in your district