Dear Assembly Members,


Nevada Friends of Midwives is a parental rights activism group that began in 2002. We have hundreds of members, and seek to protect the rights of parents in Nevada as they pertain to childbirth.

We have been watching AB387 since its inception, have participated in the stakeholder meetings, and have been in constant communication with parents throughout. We have circulated polls and facilitated conversations on social media. The opinion of home birthing parents of Nevada is loud and clear:


They oppose this bill. If they could be here in person, they would.


Many home birthing parents are deeply protective of their rights to privacy, and rights to free trade. They deliberately seek out traditional, unregulated midwives as the only acceptable choice for them.


This is because they want to be in charge of their births, and not worry that their midwife must answer to a board. Childbirth is a normal physiological event, not a medical one. Therefore, parents will often seek out midwives who do not carry drugs or perform medical tasks. Such midwives do not belong under the purview of any board.


If non-CPM midwives are not able to practice outside the purview of a board, some women will choose to birth alone.


This bill is vague, much too lengthy, and includes demands on non-CPM midwives. It would infringe on parental choice and ultimately extend to midwives who do not wish to be licensed.


Please oppose this bill and PROTECT WOMENS’ CHOICE.



Nevada Friends of Midwives