Attention families!!!

There are currently TWO BDRs (ideas that become laws if passed) pertaining to midwife care in NV.

1) One bill is being sponsored by Senator Scott Hammond- who has been very responsive to all parties and philosophies. We have been thankful to have contact with Senator Hammond and are not as concerned with the first bill after correspondence and communications. We still encourage Nevadans to read the BDR located on this site and come to their own conclusions.


2) One bill is sponsored by Assemblywoman Monroe-Moreno. This second bill is very invasive, and despite the attempt to work with them and have them hear a less restrictive argument...they have now shut down communication. They are no longer willing to attend stakeholder meetings and are unwilling to compromise their language. We guarantee, if their language is passed, it will forever transform home births and midwifery care in the state of NV.

At this point we encourage you to email/call the assemblywoman and let her hear YOUR concerns, YOUR thoughts…..maybe she will listen to YOU?!?!?

*****If you live in Assembly District 1, PLEASE NOTE that in your communications with the assemblywoman.

5575 Simmons Street, No.154

North Las Vegas, NV 89031-9009